Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Baby Boy 1st Birthday Card Step by Step - MFT Sketch Challenge #157

Hi! Today I've got my 2nd ever challenge card. I'm getting my entry in for the MFT Sketch Challenge in just under the wire...Here is how I made my card, step by step. All the stamps are from MFT's First Place stamp set, that I got free with my order in November.

I taped down a white piece of card stock to my cutting mat, to help me center my stamps. I cut it to that specific size based on the rough size of 5 large stars from the stamp set.

Starting with the middle bottom star, I stamped five large stars using archival ink. This is my first time playing around with them! Fun stuff!

Next, I stamped a 1 and a circle around it on the center of the card stock in orange ink.

I used this light blue ink to stamp a smaller star in all the gaps of the card stock.

I cut out all my layer pieces, to match the sketch.

This is stamping the inside of the card. I wanted to write "happy 1st birthday". 

After stamping "1st", I stamped happy birthday in two parts. I only put ink on "happy"...

Stamped happy, and then cleaned off the stamp and stamped it on scratch paper to make sure it was totally clean.

Next, I only inked up the birthday part of the stamp, and completed the sentiment. I could have cut the stamp in half, but I really didn't want to do that.

I glued all my layers together, using my ATG for the first time as well! I think I will have to work on it. I got some clumps... I then put foam glue on the center piece of the card.

Here is the card all done!!! The two middle layers (white and light blue) are lifted above the rest of the card with the foam glue.

Another awesome thing I got for Christmas is a light tent, so I can take better lighted photos in conditions that aren't ideal. This was another thing that I tried out for the first time tonight! I need to iron out the inside sheet... Whoopsie! But, here is the front of the completed card.

 Here is the inside of the completed card. I didn't think I would get much use out of this stamp set, but I'm really happy with how the card turned out. It was sort of a challenge on top of a challenge for me. I love all the stars. I think I will use them lots to make fun backgrounds on cards.

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