Friday, September 27, 2013

Christmas 2012 Rewind

It's time to start thinking about Christmas cards... Here are all the Christmas cards that I made last year! Keep in mind... These are some of the first cards that I made.....

Looove the use of holographic paper. I still have a bunch, but I'm too scared to use it! lol. I don't want to waste it. Embossing it gave such an awesome effect.

Simple and so pretty. I should use my letter stickers more often!

Love the 3D on this card! I should make some of these again this year

I got this pattern from a cross stitch book. I vaguely used their idea for how to attach it to the card. I quite liked this one.

This card was inspired by a card I saw in Papercraft magazine. I loooove it! It spurred me into buying about four trillion brads. This is one of my favourite cards I've ever made.

I'm not a huge fan of how I laid this card out, it's overly simple... But....

... I love the cross stitch design. It was a lot more tedious than it looks. It's got tons of different cream coloured floss in it. It's just beautiful.

This is another one of my favourite cards that I've ever made. The design is from the same cross stitch book as the Santa above. I slightly altered their suggestion on how to mount it on the card. The cardstock I had worked so well!

This idea is also from Papercraft magazine. The two green presents are attached by foam dots. The finish on this card isn't super nice, but I love the sketch.

Now for the terrible pics taken with my iPad.....

The card on the left has a wreath made out of many circles punched from patterned paper. The card on the right is very simple, I just used 3D stickers for the snowflakes. Super quick!

This card was... A disaster... lol... I ended up giving it to my 18 month old niece..... The idea was better in my head.... Now I know, sketch on paper first, glue/stamp/punch second!

Ahhh a little bit of redemption. I saw this sketch on a gallery online. To make the holly, I just cut out some rectangles and used a small circle punch to make the curves.

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