Sunday, June 30, 2013

Playin' Around with Colour Shine Sprays

I got a bunch of Heidi Swapp's color shine sprays recently. I picked up a few of her 6x6 stencils as well.

I forgot to pick up a misting box the last time I was at Michael's, so I just fashioned one out of an old box of microwave popcorn. I lined the box with some paper just in case.

For my first experiment, I used teal, mustard and primrose colours on a stencil with dots, stars and hearts. I used cheapo masking tape to tape the stencil to the card stock. I used a whole sheet of card stock, which didn't fit so well in my misting box.

I love how the colours interacted: the primrose and teal made a purple, the mustard and and primrose made an orange and the teal and mustard made a beautiful green.

Since the paper didn't fit so well in the box, the stencil popped up away from the paper. the hearts and most of the dots are pretty sharp, but the stars turned out kinda fuzzy. I cut my paper down to 6.5 x 6.5 inches for my following experiments.

Since the stenciled area is 6x6, and I mostly make 5.5 x 4.25 inch cards, I'll have to figure out a way to cut it down and make it work. I actually really like the "spill over" areas around where the stencil was. I'm gonna use those portions of paper by either punching out some shapes or cutting strips to use to "belt" some cards.

Next I used amethyst and gold sparys with the chevron stencil on white card stock. This one isn't my fav... There isn't enough contrast and I also messed it up when removing the stencil, causing the lines to not be as sharp as they should have been.

I looove how this one turned out tho! I used the lattice mask with peach and chartreuse sprays. The lines turned out really sharp and the fade between the colours is gorgeous!

I used a flowery mask on dark grey card stock. I sprayed all over with almost all of my colours. I'll have to try this one again on lighter card stock, the effect is a little hard to see on the dark card stock.

Lastly, there's another one I love! I took a piece of 5.5x4.25 inch white card stock and taped it to a dotted mask. I sprayed it with 5 different colours, one in each of the corners and one in the middle. I sprayed close to the paper to get the most colour concentration. This will make a great background for a card!

I'm really happy with these purchases... I didn't get to try all my stencils... and maybe I didn't *need* all of the colours I got.. But they're still really fun to play with! Can't wait to make some cards incorporating the card stock I coloured today.

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