Wednesday, April 10, 2013

OT: Diaper Cake!

I went to a friend's baby shower on the weekend. I made something kinda crafty as a gift -- a diaper cake!

I used a circular piece of styrofoam (from Michael's) as a base. I covered it with tissue paper, and then wrapped around it with a very wide ribbon. The cake has 4 tiers, using 108 diapers in total.

The diapers are easy to roll up, and to keep them rolled up I just put a little clear hair elastic around each one (I got hundreds of the hair elastics for $1 at the dollar store). Each tier is held together tightly with a thin ribbon.

Here's the plain cake

The "front" of the cake

I used the thick ribbon to make some bows to dress the cake up a little. I used twist ties to attach the big bows to the thin ribbon. Most of the gifts had hooks that I could hook onto the thin ribbon, but in some cases I just used twist ties again.

Don't worry, I folded the twist tie down.... ;)

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